The Best Of 2016

Being a photographer I've gotten the opportunity to capture a lot of significant moments. From sporting events, to graduations, to proms, to maternity, to new/growing babies, to engagements, etc.

I genuinely value photographs and the powerful moments they represent. I don't value photographs because I'm a photographer, I became a photographer because of how much I value photographs. For me photography has taught me many things, but most especially gratitude! A photograph shouldn't make you nostalgic, it should bring you joy and gratitude, either because it reminds you of a hard time that is now over or of a good time you were fortunate enough to experience. Photographs should be little reminders of blessings we might otherwise forget to be thankful for. They can fuel us through the low seasons, and remind us to have hope, as well as help us to be more aware of the beauty around, and to savor the present.

Photography has been rewarding in ways I never expected! It has given me so many opportunities and experiences, and even relationships I would never have had, and twenty sixteen was an overwhelmingly beautiful year for me in those aspects!

I'm so thankful for this year and all the wonderful people I met, as well as experiences I got to have, and I'm oh so grateful for the images I have to remind me of it all.

Here is a collection of my favorite images I had the honor of capturing in 2016. These are the images that speak to me personally. These are the images I'm most proud of from this year. These are the images that remind me of God's goodness, and how blessed I am to be able to do what I do.

I thank the Lord for the gift of this past year, and look forward to capturing many more beautiful moments in 2017.


Happy New Year!!