Caleb Goes to The Ouray Ice Lakes

Last month my hubby and I, along with a big group of our friends, went on our annul backpacking trip in Colorado (more to come from this trip soon). One of our day hikes was to the beautiful Ouray Ice Lakes.

My friend, Caleb and I had been talking about doing a water session for a few weeks before the trip, when we got to the Ice Lakes we knew this was our once in a lifetime chance for some killer images.

We only had about 15 minutes to delayer, shoot, and relayer, so we could get down to tree line before storms rolled in, otherwise we would be lightning bait. Caleb thrives in these situations, me not so much. But despite a little extra pressure, absolutely freezing water (luckily I didn't have to get in all the way), and being a little winded from the elevation/hike (12,382 ft of elevation to be exact), the images we captured were well worth it.

Big shout out to my model and friend, Caleb James for always being up for anything and braving the freezing water temps!

Also, keep an eye out for an inside look at his life as a full time Rver, scheduled to hit the blog next month!

Oh, and by the way ladies, he's single!