I should probably warn you before you read this post.  I often think I'm a comedian, and though rarely do I ever make anyone but myself laugh...I still trudge on trying to save humanity with my dry, witty, remarks! Count yourself warned, and my deepest apologies if you don't understand my's probably just too intellectual for you to grasp ;).


I also write at a fourth grade level so I guess you can say I'm pretty smart!

Okay guys, I realize I've been MIA lately, but I promise it was for good reason. One reason being that my darling laptop decided it needed a vacation from my care and spent the month of December with its friends at the geek squad (#squadgoalz, right?), luckily she has returned to me, healthy and ready for some epic work! :D

But that isn't even the important ish...the main reason, "the big news" is much much bigger than all that!! You see, while my little diva was in the shop I was...eating my body weight in Christmas cookies and dreaming of a white Christmas (my dreams did not come true, it ended up being 78 degrees and rained buckets...also I gained 40 pounds...)...where was I going with this? Why am I asking you?? Oh, that's right, while my lovely, laptop was hanging with her new squad, I was at home packing all my husband and my things into tiny little liquor boxes. Why was I packing our stuff into "tiny little liquor boxes" you ask? Well, for starters, liquor boxes are FREE and I had a strong feeling that I had the winning lottery ticket, and wanted to be prepared to move to my mansion as soon as they drew my winning numbers. SPOILER ALERT: I WON!!

Now, that I have your attention, I have to confess I did not win, but know that if I had I would have given you a cut so PLEASE continue reading:)

No...that can't be why I was packing, and it wasn't! I was packing because my husband and I were moving at the first of the year!! This may be hard to believe if you know me, because if you know me, you know that I've only ever had a heart for Chattanooga...its true. Chattanooga will always be my home. So many amazing, wonderful, beautiful, things happened to me meeting, dating, getting engaged, and tricking my husband into marrying me! But though Chattanooga will always have a special place in my heart, God has opened up more room in my heart for new places. He has showed me, that even though I may no longer live in Chattanooga, Chattanooga will always live in me (haha that's not really what he showed me, I just wanted to make a profound cliche statement :). What he really showed me is that even though I don't live in Chattanooga, it is not gone from my life, but quiet the opposite! Despite my new move I will continue to shoot work in Chatt (I bet you just breathed a huge sigh of relief, right?) as well as shoot in my new home! That is right, you heard correctly, I'm no longer just a local photographer!!!!

Now, would you like to know where my new home is??  Of course you would!!! Your on the edge of your seat, aren't you??

My new home is not only still in TENNESSEE, but it is the heart of Tennessee! Some call it the "Wall Street of the South" ,  others call it "capital T" (no one actually calls it that, but wouldn't that be fly if they did? since it is the capital of Tennessee and all), anyways, ignore my nonsensical ramblings. Do you need yet another hint? Music city ring a bell? You still don't know where I moved?? Geez, let me just show you then!!

Oh my word, are you serious?? You still don't know where I moved!?

Do I need to actually map it out for you!! Okay, fine!!

Here you go!


Its Nashville guys...I moved to Nashville!!!